The local charity that supports local people

The Woodhouse Centre is a cheerful and busy ‘workshop’ for retired and disabled people living in Oxted and surrounding areas.

The centre is open four mornings per week Monday to Thursday 9.30 – 12.30 pm
(Men in Sheds is also open on Friday morning).

Most people come for companionship and to share the spirit of a cheerful busy environment. There are about equal numbers of men and women and the age range is 20 to 90. Most of the workers are collected from their homes by a dedicated team of volunteer drivers.


The Woodhouse Centre was founded by Mrs Betty Woodhouse in 1971. It was established to provide employment in friendly surroundings for elderly and disabled persons resident in Oxted and surrounding areas.

From small beginnings in an old school, the Centre is now housed in a large new air-conditioned building opposite Tandridge Leisure Pool and next to the Red Cross.

Mrs Betty Woodhouse, who died in 1995, was awarded the M.B.E. in 1981 in recognition of her untiring work in setting up the Centre and other local projects.