The Woodhouse Craft Centre Trustees have diverse backgrounds and experience, and are full of enthusiasm for the Woodhouse Centre’s activity and future potential.

Lorna Edser, with her experience of the Centre, is Chair.

The Trustees have two main aims initially

1.     To secure the foundations of the Woodhouse Centre by updating its Constitution and Policies in line with current standards expected by the Charity Commission and relevant regulations and legislation and

2.     To develop the future plans of the Woodhouse Centre, giving due consideration to its charitable objectives, opportunities to expand the scope of the Centre, approach to fundraising, marketing and publicity.

The Trustees intend to gather ideas and input about possible future plans from the Centre’s Members, staff and many volunteers and supporters.

Lorna Edser (Chair)

Sophie MacTavish (Treasurer)

Cathy Emmott

Susan Farrell

Catie Harley

Cindy Hedmann

Martin Newlan